Nominations Committee Report

Dear Colleagues,

We are all looking forward very much to an outstanding Quadrennial Conference ICF13 in the Olympic Village, Beijing, China June 16-21, 2013 and I look forward to seeing you there.
As Nominations Committee Chairman, I write to you about the Nominations for the Officers and ExCo in 2013-2017.
The Nominations Committee consists of Yiu-Wing Mai (Chairman), Palle Rama Rao, John Knott (both former Presidents), Teruo Kishi (former Vice-President and ICF10 Executive Chairman), Xiqiao Feng, Jesus Toribio, and Robert McMeeking. I believe this has good geographical coverage and balance.
In fact much of the Nominations process is by precedent and continuity of ongoing work. Following much preliminary discussion, we recommend for your detailed consideration as follows:

Download the Nominations Committee Report